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August 2019


 Eric's babes

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PostSubject: Eric's babes   Eric's babes Icon_minitimeThu Jul 09, 2015 12:48 am

Current Pokémon Gijinka Characters

Nicholas Batham (Chesnaught, Male, 30, Gay):

A high school football star, he lived a nice life till a drunk driving incident that led to a child's death. This ultimately ruined his chances at going pro while in college but the lawyers he got when he first signed to go pro managed to get him 6 years in prison. While there he got the title of "Bullet Proof" as he showed nearly no emotion though on the inside he was in pain and depressed. Once getting out of prison he stayed at his parents house until he finally found a job as a desk jockey. He now lives a life full of depression and self hate, everyday is a battle for him to even go to work without having an episode.

Mario Sanchez (Mothim, Male, 23, Gay):

The oldest of 14 children, Mario always had an interest in music. Listening to records with his father and always having music playing in the house was something that fuel that interest. His family was poor at the time and would be for a long time. Though everything was still great, he loved his family and wanted to become a musician. He saved up and got a acoustic guitar and to this day he still has it. Time went by and his father passed from a heart attack, he was the only one with a job so even when still broken from his father's death, Mario got two jobs to support his family until his mother remarried to another man who then gave his mother 7 more kids. Everything was kind of better though, this man had a better paying job and was able to keep the family afloat. Once Mario graduated high school he headed to the big city to follow his dream to be a musician, especially since they didn't have money to send him to college. He now resides in Castelia City where he owns a music shop and sends money back to his family to help.

Betty Lui (Simisear *Shiny*, Female, 22, Bi):

Betty is the youngest daughter of an Italian mob boss Darmanitan. Now her personal life is rarely affected by this, she loves the work of the mob. She wants to become the boss after he father but he father tries his best to keep his "precious flower" safe. This is why her older twin brothers constantly keep an eye on her, two Darmanitans by the names of Louis and Dante. As of now she just lives a "normal" life with her brother's always around the corner watching her though she loves to try to get involved in more gang affiliated things.

Steven Universe Gemsonas

Tanzanite (Main, He/Him):

Tanzanite is a wanderer Gem. He tried his best to avoid the war over Earth and chose neither side of the war. Though the Crystal Gems would be his first pick if anything. Now he just wanders Earth, practically touring the spots across Earth. He constantly keeps a camera and a photo album in his Gem that holds the history of his adventures of Earth (basically the since the cheap wound up cameras were made). He likes to keep to himself but if he finds another Gem, he loves to interact with them. Though usually he can be seen as rude and lazy if anything involves someone other then him.

Gem location: Chest

Weapon: Shield

Gold (He/Him):

Gold his a royal knight of Homeworld. He is completely loyal to the Gem Royalty and will serve them in any duty they assign to him. This Gem is completely full of himself, he believes no one can compare to himself (not counting the ruling Diamonds) and will never stand down in a battle. He claims he has no weaknesses, except one actually, Silver. The fellow Gem that he absolutely adores, he proclaims that Silver is the love of his life and he has managed to sweep the fellow Gem off their feet. He will stop at nothing to protect his love. After the war on Earth, Gold grew a hatred for the Crystal Gems and vows to bring them down, especially Pearl. But his real anger towards them was for stealing the love of his life.

Gem location: Crotch (practically a gold plated crotch)

Weapon: Longsword

Silver (He/Him):

Silver was a scouter for Homeworld. Scouting neighboring planets and reporting back. This Gem is proud of his abilities in battle and himself in general. Usually he spends no time on others until he met Gold. The way the Gem approached him, the way he treated him, he loved it. Gold treated him like he was the only thing important and it was the attention he loves, it was the man he loved. After the war, Silver saw the brutality Homeworld had, he wanted no part of it. So he decided, after the war he stayed on Earth to join forces with the Crystal Gems, even if it meant leaving the love of his life.

Gem location: Side of his right thigh. (a silver plate)

Weapon: Armored greaves

Pyrite [Fool's Gold] (He/Him, Fusion):

The fusion of Gold and Silver, with their fused personalities they are all about the way of a knight and themselves. They have the speed and endurance of Silver and the pure power and skill of Gold. Though now this fusion practically doesn't happen with the separation of Gold and Silver.

//This is it for now, I'll probably add more because I can't think of any right now!//
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Eric's babes
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