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January 2019

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 Rhythm A. Rhyme (Pokemon Gijinka) open crossover starter

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PostSubject: Rhythm A. Rhyme (Pokemon Gijinka) open crossover starter   Fri Jul 17, 2015 9:14 am

((A bit about Rhythm: Her name is Rhythm A. Rhyme. Rhythm Ande Rhyme. She's a silent Mawile who only speaks through song lyrics. She has a large boom box she carries around with her mega stone in it. To mega transform, she breakdances to this song Her boombox transforms into a giant shapeshifting monster with a speaker in its mouth. She doesn't fight and uses the monster to attack for her.))

The Mawile female blew her pink bubblegum and popped it, peering at the horizon through her shades. On her shoulder was her boombox, the shiny Mawilite gleaming against the sun. She had woken up in an unknown place, though she kept calm. Eventually she heard footsteps and turned her head, staring at the approaching figure.
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Rhythm A. Rhyme (Pokemon Gijinka) open crossover starter
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