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August 2019


 Topaz art please!

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PostSubject: Topaz art please!   Topaz art please! Icon_minitimeFri Jul 03, 2015 6:53 pm

So, I need someone to draw my Gemsona, Topaz ;; I have a picture a friend, Katherine, drew for me but I'll include some pictures as well as a color description.

Okay, so for her skin tone, I was going to have a yellowing tint, to fit topaz but be lighter than her hair, which I kind of want to model after Marilyn Monroe's, since that's the best curly-haired one I could find.

She's going to have a slightly curvy but strong-looking body type, if that makes sense.

Her face I don't really have much of a preference on, I'd just like her color scheme to fit a topaz'. Her eyes would be a topaz yellow.

Her weapon, if you want to draw it, would be a sort of hoolahoop type of thing. It summons around her waist and is colored with a darker topaz color. But it's solid topaz gem and has sharp topaz knife-like things on it.
I'd like her to be of medium height.

Topaz art please! 11224773_1689535607935327_5001787206324908828_n

Topaz art please! 11667988_1689513074604247_1825561565_n
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Topaz art please!
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