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January 2019

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 Mimi's OCs!

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Star Moonstone


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PostSubject: Mimi's OCs!   Sat Jul 04, 2015 1:25 am

Currently Active* Pokémon Gijinkas

Alphonse Destler (Dragonite; Male)
A meteorologist on the local news whose looks and TV personality have made him something of a miniature celebrity. His interests are pretty effeminate, and on his days off you can usually find him in his pajamas perched in front of the Lifetime channel with a bowl of ice cream. Hard-working and a little ditzy, he's a good-hearted goofball who came from nothing and made his own money, but he's a little embarrassed about his country upbringing. He takes his job very seriously and loves to dote on his small, pouty husband Florent. For all his vanity, however, Alphonse can be very serious and often acts out of concern and protectiveness for his loved ones. As a result, he can be extremely impulsive and temperamental. This is especially volatile due to his connection to the weather: as a Dragonite, he possesses a weather-based move-set, and while this may be beneficial to his job it can also prove dangerous in his personal life. An angry Dragonite can create some Thunder you won't soon forget.

Gaston Violateur (Unfezant; Male)
An infamously strict teacher at a prestigious music academy. Despite his remarkable talent, he never was quite able to make it big, and was on the hunt for a long time to find a pupil to live vicariously through. He seemed to find a worthy match in his student Sylvan, a young boy he's grown so attached to that he seems to treat him as his own son... and, privately, something more. They now live together under the guise of him taking the boy "under his wing", but he is undoubtedly smitten with him, and forced to be ever-aware of the growing scandal surrounding their amorous goings-on. Flamboyant yet easily-flustered, you can often find Gaston rapping his bejeweled cane against the ground in warning of future punishment towards any of his students, or clearing his throat in embarrassment.

Rion (Aron-->Lairon; Male)
Born as a wild Pokemon with no familial attachments, Rion is a street-rat with a thick New York accent who wants nothing more than to eat, eat, eat. And he's not afraid to get in all kinds of trouble to get what he wants. His meal of choice is all things metal, which leads him anywhere from the junkyard to the city's train tracks. Rion is regularly hounded by law enforcement for his destruction of property. But, c'mon, a guy's gotta eat!! For all the trouble he gets himself into, Rion is a fiercely loyal friend to anyone he can actually manage to make long-standing ties to. Nonetheless, people seem to come and go out of his life, and he's largely been raising himself on the streets. His age is ambiguous because of his solitary upbringing, but as of his recent evolution he appears to be in his twenties.

*I have more Gijinkas than I can count on my fingers, but these are the characters I will most likely be actively RPing! I'll update the list if it changes, though!!

Steven Universe OCs/Gemsonas

Star Moonstone (Male)
Thousands of years ago, on a faraway planet composed almost entirely of warriors, Star was just a guy with a guitar who had big dreams of being an entertainer on his Homeworld. As the singer and lead guitarist of a band, Star desperately wanted to fuse with his bandmates and become the most formidable and talented musician in the galaxy... But his efforts were always refused. Despite being a pacifist--better yet, a complete coward with no interest in having his life interrupted by war--he was drafted along with the other Gems to fight against Rose Quartz's rebellion on Earth. Terrified, he receded into his Gem to avoid fighting, and was likely damaged in the surrounding warfare as a result. He has only awoken recently in the modern world, and now lives with a human boy named Jack. Though Star was initially embittered by being forced to come to Earth, he is extremely content to be living as a "human", where he can enjoy his interests freely without fear of being forced into any militarized capacity again. Star's guitar is the closest thing he has to a weapon, along with a microphone that can amplify his voice as an attack. Both of these are stored inside the Gem on his throat, which is also home to a variety of other stage equipment, including a smoke machine that he usually unleashes any time he feels the need to burst into song. He is wary of other Gems and what sort of trouble their tampering may bring, but remains very enthusiastic about all Earth has to offer.

All Around OCs (AKA My OCs from IMVU)

Fraenir (Male)
A greedy demon lord who can shapeshift into a dragon. He can travel across time, but makes his home in his castle in the medieval era. A lusty glutton who throws lavish parties, eats everything, and sets the rest on fire. You don't want to know this man. He is eight feet tall and has a long disgusting lizard tail. He will talk to you endlessly about his beautiful human bride-to-be, a young man named Rua, from modern society. Rua didn't ask for this. Someone help him.*

*He does not need help. He is my wife.
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Captain Lock


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PostSubject: Re: Mimi's OCs!   Sat Jul 04, 2015 1:35 pm

Yooooo! Star Moonstone sounds hella rad! I really like his concept! And you evolved Rion? Sweeeeeet o:
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Mimi's OCs!
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