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August 2019


 Peachie's Babs

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PostSubject: Peachie's Babs   Peachie's Babs Icon_minitimeSat Jul 04, 2015 2:37 am


Sucre [Audino Gijinka]

Devoir [Shiny Mega Gardevoir Gijinka]

Keil [Male Pokemon Trainer]

~Steven Universe~

Iolite Blue Sandstone [F]

Howlite [F]

Chalcedony [F]


Visrys Ecchle [M] (Tyrian)

Tanari Ananta [F] (Plum)

Marcel Malaki [M] (Jade)

Alesia Lephus [F] (Mustard)

Induss Likhal [M] (Rust)

~Dragon Age~

Vellath [M] - Mage, Apostate, joined the Inquisition

~Overall OC's~

+Atlas Nikolai [M] - Married, like 800 piercings, husband is Fionn (Friend's OC) Depressing backstory for another post.

+Leukas Petrovic [M] - College student, photographer, currently fucking a bara merman (Same friend's other OC) No depressing backstory, rich white kid from Miami.

+Marianna Alvarada [F] - Dancer, lives in the ghetto. Not in any sort of relationship. Asexual. No depressing backstory, just really fucking loves to dance.

+Dano Kalupa [M] - Hawaiian, bisexual shithead. Incredibly superstitious. Depressing backstory for another post.

+Nero Huskeria [M] - Inuit shapeshifter, lived in the arctic region of Greenland for most of his life. Left to pursue a career in cooking, but ended up fucking a cursed Russian soldier (Same friend's other OTHER OC). No depressing backstory.

+Sergeron (no last name) [M] - Dragon Breeder in the Nuspiaran kingdom. Breeds and trains dragons into adolescence, and then bonds them with a seeking customer and sells them. No depressing backstory.
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Peachie's Babs
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