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July 2019

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Topics tagged under soometimes on Roleplay-Tan Tumblr12Topic: Gam's characters

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Search in: Character Profiles   Topics tagged under soometimes on Roleplay-Tan Icon_minipostSubject: Gam's characters    Topics tagged under soometimes on Roleplay-Tan Icon_minitimeMon Jul 06, 2015 5:50 am
Hex Bane
here are some of the pokedex entries that are pretty important to who he is.

Banette generates energy for laying strong curses by sticking pins into its own body. This Pokémon was originally a pitiful plush doll that was thrown away.

Hex has 4 attacks like any other pokemon he generates these attacks from his pins that he stabs into himself. they are color coded too

Red= Shadow Claw. shadows swirling around his hand forming into these sharp claws.
Purple= Shadow Sneek. you know how the shadow heartless in kingdom hearts get around. he can do that doesnt need shadows for it to happen (you can use that attack when you battle in the game and its broad daylight)
Green:Toxic. Thick green posinous air fills the air and would knock a person out, slowly doing more and more damage.
White: Will-o-wisp, fireballs
the attacks remain active so long as the pins are still in him and he can do more than one pin and kinda combo it.

he can also float (ghost) and levitate other things as well as puppeter/possess the doll he used to be to do things or get places he normally couldnt (shup well get to that later)
Strong feelings of hatred turned a puppet into a Pokémon. If it opens its mouth, its cursed energy escapes.
unlike a normal banette that's mouth is zippered shut. hex's mouth is sewn shut. he cant phisically talk.

he talks by speeking telopathically in the others head. i use hashtags at the begining and end of it because i wanted him to talk diffrently than other roleplayers (he isnt talking like them) i wanted it to be unique to him. and know in anime when the people get angry and theres a hashtag like symbol on there head. well he is a pokemon brought to life from his own hate and rage. and hes talking in your head. it just kind of made since.
#SoOmETiMeS I aLtErNaTe THE letters lIke THIS# because the voice is supposed to sound like a demented ghost kid. thats distorting and echoing around in the other persons head.
This Pokémon developed from an abandoned doll that amassed a grudge. It is seen in dark alleys.
[b]A doll that became a Pokémon over its grudge from being junked. It seeks the child that disowned it

hex has alot of rage and hate for the kid that abandoned him. but he cant find the kid and he cant get to far from his ally (you know how spirits get tied to things hes tied to the doll he used to be) so he takes his anger out on the kids that come past his ally. and is responsible for alot of the dissaperences in the ally. he "plays" with them (more like torchure). "eats" them (hes got a zipper going down from his chest to his stumach diagnoally it opens up to this big gapeing hole he zips it in and its gone) and collects there skulls and anything they have that he finds intresting. he also adds chunks of there flesh to this cloak he has. it has 3 points like a banette red button eyes and is kinda  patchwork from the diffrent skins.
Apperance: hex is a child (abet a demented seriously disturbed one) hes about the size of a small child with silver hair, red eyes that glow and on the right side of his face he has scars going down from the bottom of his right eye to the bottom of his chin. it looks like cracks almost like broken glass. thats where he got hurt as a toy when he was junked his face cracked. he has dead looking skin (he is a ghost pokemon after all) and hes kind of sewn into these "footie" pajamas (teddy feet) they have alot of zippers (the big diagnoal one down his chest he uses to "eat" and one with pockets where he stores his pins. and are kinda patchy as well) then of course theres his cloak.


  • Hex Is a CHILD. He can be really childish and immature, hes not the best at controling his emotions (expecially his anger) and will throw fits/tantrums. he loves to play and sees the rest of the world like his games and people as his toys. and is extreamly sadistic and devious yet he can be very sweet and niave about alot of things (hes still a kid hes just corrupted by alot of that rage/hate) (i want him to grow as a character and someday get past it basically just havent decided how)

  • Hex has a huge sweet tooth

  • hex is a collector (children skulls and anything he finds intresting that they have really)

  • he gets really flustered and akward with a person whos being truely kind and genuine to him. he doesnt know how to handle it hes used to being treated with anger or fear, pain even not really people being nice to him.

  • hex floats normally and isnt used to walking he stumbles around on his feet almost babywalks sometimes..
    hes really sinsitive to light (constantly hideing in the dark only comeing out at night you would be too)

  • his voice gets less demented and distorted and echoy and more and more childlike the more he gets thrown off or taken aback/flustered with something or emberessed. or if hes really anxious or shy.

shup was made from a nessesity really in me and my freinds roleplay she was a detective trying to catch who was responsible for the missing children our biggest issue was how do you catch a ghost (specially since her detective was another pokemon) we came up with shup. shup is basically the doll that hex used to be. (you know how ghosts get attached to things in the stories?) hes attached to his doll (that i modled after a shuppet a banettes first form (hence the name shup) thats why he didnt really leave his ally. he couldnt without shup. so when her character managed to get shup she kinda had him and stuff. but we both wanted hex to overcome that 'get stronger" so he got to the point he can posses shup kind of puppeter him to do things and go places he normally couldnt. and is just kind of another tool for him to use, shup floats when hex is posessing him he can use all of shups attacks (the fireballs and toxic smoke come out of his mouth and his shadow claws are like razor sharp needles sticking out of its hands).

Foxy The Pirate

a character from Five Nights at Freddies and the family pizzeria in the story. i have kind of put my own spin on him a bit. because frankly theres not much to the character to roleplay. heres what we do know about foxy from the games!

  • Foxy is a anamatronic for Freddy Fazbears Pizzeria which is owned by Fazbear Entertainment.

  • Foxy is Out Of Order and is a little more ramshackle than the other anamatronics.

  • Foxy's area is called Pirate Cove.

  • Foxy's Character is a pirate fox.

  • Foxy unlike the other anamatronics will run at you.

  • There is sound clips of Foxy Singing.

  • Foxy will come out of his cove faster if hes not watched

theres not really alot of character information about him or how to play him. so here is how i play him.

my foxy is kind of twitchy he jolts and jumps around alot even with his words (i was thinking of Rabbit from Steam Powered Giraffe  so his movements are very jerky as well as the way he talks the pitch and volume changes alot like " YaRrRhArHARG hello MATEYS how be ye TODAY?!'' he also stutters sometimes when his audio glitches out. (keep in mind he is a falling apart robot)  
Foxy's audio and movements get more glitchy and big the more worked up/exited/angry he gets. he also cusses like a sailor (when there are no children around) and uses A LOT of pirate slang

Foxy loves children but is alot more cautious/angry around adults.

Foxy can be pretty violent a little pyscotic and more than a little unstable ((which is the reason my foxy was put out of order (he wasn't "kid freindly"))

Foxy has alot of issues; ((more than just his body started to wear out after being isolated for so long his mind isn't in the best of places either (more on that later))

Foxy craves attention: (why you have to constantly check on him in the game ) otherwize he acts out (he gets really lonly)

Biography: foxy was once a child who was murdered in a really brutal way by the "purple guy" he doesn't really remember that but he still has A LOT of anger and pain left over from it. (and alot of distrust for adults) he was never the most stable of the anamatronics even before he fell apart foxy was glitchy, unpredictable and broke down alot. which eventually led to him being placed out of order. the isolation drove him even more nuts.


ANOTHER character i kind of put my own spin on all we really know about BEN from the story is:

  • He was a child that REALLY loved the game Majora's Mask

    • He was DROWNED with possibly his eyes ripped out

    • He is a pyscopath/sociopath who loves driveing his victims nuts and playing around with them in any way he can.

    • He can control/manipulate electronics and there programing.

Here is how i play BEN:

yes he is a pysco and a sociopath but BEN was originally a kid that went threw some pretty bad things and he has A LOT of anger/ Anxity and depression from it. he suffers from depression, anxity and PTSD (despite the fact he wont show it) he is also severly hydrophobic after being drowned. he is extreamly sadistic and will do anything he can to get a rize out of someone.

Ben Has powers:

  • he can manipulate and take over others electronics.

  • he can manifest himself like a poltrighist and wreck havoc.

  • he messes with dreams and causes nightmares (in the story the character has alot of nightmares involving him)

  • he can shock things tie people up with the wires of the things he is in.

BEN gets energy from electronics; useing too much of his powers / being away from something electronic for too long drains him.


a character from Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep.

Gamzee Makara

Mituna Captor
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